• The therapy services I provide respond to a multitude of issues including those listed here. I provide guidance through many types of focal areas for therapy including specialization in the following:


    Individual psychotherapy can provide a space for you to reveal life as you experience it. Even before you enter therapy, you may recognize some patterns in yourself, what makes you anxious or sad and how you behave when you feel that way.

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    Couples Work

    However we come into a relationship, for pretty much all of us, it does not turn out to be what we expected, which at times feels like a crushing blow.

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    Many people think of depression as sadness. Although sometimes there is sadness associated with it, most often it is defined by an absence of feeling, a kind of shut down, withdrawn state.

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    “The first step is always the hardest.” Sometimes although a person maybe aware of their addiction, specifics about both how it is relied upon and the toll it takes are revealed during the psychotherapy.

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    Social Issues

    The work of psychotherapy is the understanding of and working through behavioral patterns that were once adaptive but have gone too far and are interfering in life. It is these maladaptive patterns that can make us self-sabotage in one manner or another.

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