• Psychotherapy is a process sought by millions of Americans and people around the world to help make life less stressful and painful and more joyful and unencumbered.

    Psychotherapy works through the establishment of a relationship with a therapist that is different from what can be found in a friend, teacher or parent, yet may have elements of all of these. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space for revealing aspects of yourself that may control and limit you in ways that you may not completely realize.Through a combination of new insights and the new found ability to work through traumatic experiences and ways we may have grown to expect and avoid them, we can grow in ways that allow us to get out of our own way, overcome depression and anxiety, and create the things in life we most desire. No one entirely escapes having experienced trauma in life. Therapy is not about blaming others. It is about understanding and working through our symptoms within the perspective of the lives we have experienced up to now, to identify symptoms often as adaptations to and advanced preparations for what we might anticipate as in some way traumatic. Through the relationship that we co-create, together we will help develop a sense of strength within you to handle new experiences. Only in that way can we develop the ability to consistently move through life in new ways.

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